Online Physiotherapy courses

Find a variety of online Kinesiology Taping and Fascia Therapy Courses

This platform gives our international instructors, dealers, and partners a space to present and offer their educational courses online.

The modules within this e-learning platform are all related to the medical segment, in which the THYSOL Group is active in. The providers of the courses will all have the freedom to structure, define and develop their own content.

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Kinesiology taping courses

Find a variety of kinesiology taping and fascia therapy courses

For more than 15 years THYSOL Group has been running kinesiology taping courses all over the world under our MTC®️ trademark.

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Canine & Equine Kinesiology Taping courses

These courses have been developed in collaboration with canine and equine practitioners with veterinary physiotherapy experience.

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Fascia Therapy Courses

Discover the power of fascia therapy with our online course. Learn how to use manual therapy to address pain and improve body function.

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