CureTape® Beauty

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CureTape® Beauty can be used as face tape and is very gentle on the skin. Want to achieve a lifted and youthful appearance without taking invasive measures? Try it out!

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Say goodbye to a double chin, droopy eyelids, superficial wrinkles, saggy cheeks or skin problems! With CureTape® Beauty you have ready-to-use face tape (or kinesiology face tape) with which you can make your face and/or neck look better. If you want to try facial taping, use the safest and most appropriate product on the market – CureTape® Beauty. CureTape® Beauty is gentle kinesiology tape that is hypoallergenic and made of elastic, permeable cotton fabric. This tape is easy to remove and has superior breathability. It is also appropriate to use for even the most sensitive skin. Face tape uses the power of gentle medical-grade adhesive to lift and tighten the skin for a natural, non-surgical facelift.

CureTape® Beauty is perfect for:

  • Beauty taping
  • Face taping
  • Boob taping
  • Taping different kinds of skin, such as
    • Sensitive skin
    • Thin skin
    • Diabetic skin
  • Taping thin skin
  • People that have problems with lymphatic circulation
  • Scar treatment
  • Recovery after surgery


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