CureTape® Classic

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Looking for high-quality kinesiology tape? CureTape® Classic kinesiology tape is a safe, latex-free, and waterproof product. Trusted by health professionals in over 80+ countries

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CureTape® Classic’s elastic cotton material features a breathable and hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, ensuring comfort and compatibility with various skin types. This versatile kinesiology tape serves numerous purposes, including promoting blood and lymph circulation, assisting in musculoskeletal injury treatment, providing immediate pain relief, improving range of motion, enhancing muscle function, and supporting joint function.

CureTape® Classic is a highly-regarded Class-1 Medical product, along with other CureTape offerings, that has obtained registrations with EU-medical authorities, TGA (Australia), and FDA, demonstrating its compliance with all quality standards. It proudly carries the European TÜV quality mark, further affirming its reliability. With a global presence in over 80 countries for more than two decades, CureTape® is the go-to choice for medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

Produced in a South Korean factory certified with ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015/ISO 13485:2016, CureTape® maintains a reputation for excellence and consistency. The 5cm x 5m size of CureTape® Classic ensures ample coverage, and its latex-free, waterproof composition guarantees a durable wear. The tape is also manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008/13485 certified factory in Korea, emphasizing its commitment to quality.

With its trusted reputation, comprehensive certifications, and extensive application possibilities, CureTape® Classic remains a preferred choice for medical professionals globally.

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