Course Highlights: 

  • Theory and Fundamentals: Gain a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology essential for effective taping. 
  • Targeted Techniques: Master advanced taping methods for ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and hands, including open and closed basket techniques. 
  • Injury-Specific Applications: Learn specialized taping protocols for conditions like plantar pain, knee hyperextension, and more. 
  • Equipment Mastery: Familiarize yourself with a variety of sports tapes and tools, ensuring optimal support and comfort for athletes. 
  • Precision Application: Develop the skills to apply tape with accuracy and efficacy, maximizing support and stability. 
  • Outcome Evaluation: Learn to assess the effectiveness of taping applications and refine your approach for superior results. 


Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the potential to excel in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Course Curriculum

Introduction/ Theory 00:11:29
Sports Taping. Ankle. Open basket technique. (Self-taping) 00:02:53
Sports taping. Plantar pain, acute period. (Self-taping) 00:01:11
Sports taping. Ankle. Closed basket technique. (Self-taping) 00:01:53
Sports taping. Ankle. Open basket technique. 00:02:29
Sports taping. Plantar pain, acute period. 00:01:18
Sports taping. Ankle. Closed basket technique. 00:00:00
Sports taping. Knee. (Self-taping) 00:01:40
Sports taping. Thigh. (Self-taping) 00:01:35
Sports taping. Knee. 00:02:28
Sports tape. Knee hyperextension. 00:01:33
Sports taping. Shoulder. 00:01:47
Sports taping. Elbow. 00:02:00
Sports taping. Hand. 00:01:16
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