Course Highlights:

Fascia Evaluation: Acquire proficiency in assessing and identifying myofascial restrictions utilizing FASCIQ tools.

Targeted Treatments: Explore specialized techniques catering to the neck, back, scapula, pectoralis muscles, upper limbs, gluteal muscles, and lower limbs.

Longitudinal Technique Mastery: Enhance treatment outcomes by mastering the longitudinal approach to muscle delimitation.

Scars Correction: Discover effective strategies for correcting scars with precision using FASCIQ tools.

Trigger Points Therapy Insights: Gain valuable insights into leveraging IASTM for trigger point therapy and contracture treatment.

Functional Biofeedback Understanding: Comprehend the principles of functional biofeedback and its pivotal role in the IASTM treatment process.


From bolstering local circulation to reinstating fascial elasticity, IASTM presents a holistic framework for soft tissue rehabilitation. Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock the boundless potential of IASTM in your clinical practice.

Course Curriculum

Introduction/Theory 00:06:10
FASCIQ tools. Fascia evaluation. 00:04:34
Neck fascia treatment 00:03:04
Back fascia treatment and scapula mobilization 00:02:41
Pectoralis muscles and upper limbs fascia treatment. 00:03:29
Gluteal muscles and lower limbs fascia treatment. 00:04:07
Muscles delimitation. Longitudinal technique. 00:03:19
FASCIQ tools. Scars correction technique. 00:02:03
Metatarsalgia treatment. 00:01:45
FASCIQ tools. Trigger points therapy and contractures treatment. 00:03:47
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