Course Highlights: 

  • Dive into the theoretical foundations of beauty taping, understanding the aging process, wrinkle formation, and gravitational ptosis. 
  • Learn practical applications for addressing specific aesthetic concerns, from forehead wrinkles to periorbital edema. 
  • Explore advanced techniques for enhancing facial contours, improving innervation, and promoting a youthful appearance. 
  • Understand the principles of proper taping, including tape selection, preparation, and application for optimal results. 
  • Gain insights into contraindications and precautions, ensuring safe and effective use of beauty taping methods. 
  • Experience hands-on learning with Vladimir’s guidance, mastering the art of self-taping for a radiant and rejuvenated look. 

Unlock the potential of self-taping beauty techniques with Vladimir Botezatu and embark on a journey to enhance your natural radiance like never before.

Course Curriculum

Introductive/theoretical part about the beauty taping method. Explanation of the skin aging process, the formation of wrinkles, and gravitational ptosis. 00:12:34
Application “the sun” 00:03:19
Vertical (transversal) wrinkles of the forehead 00:01:47
Horizontal (longitudinal) wrinkles of the forehead 00:01:44
Application for nasolabial fold 00:03:15
Application for “wrinkles of sadness” 00:02:57
Application for “double chin” 00:06:10
Application for improving the innervation of the face. 00:03:47
Periorbital edema of the eyes 00:03:06
Correction of the platysma muscle, anterior part of the neck 00:03:38
Correction of the nose 00:02:49
T-zone wrinkles 00:01:44
Application for breast lift 00:08:41
Correction of lips and wrinkles 00:02:43
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