CureTape® Beauty 2 Roll

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Get started with beauty taping and buy our CureTape Beauty 2 roll tube. Our tape moves with you, is latex-free and comes in 1 continuous roll. Easy to cut to size yourself!

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Our beauty tape is specially made to support you! Use it for face taping or to give your cleavage that extra bit of support while wearing those revealing dresses. Our tape is made of hypoallergenic material and is easy to apply and remove. Just make sure the skin is clean (no creams) to promote optimal adhesion. One roll contains 5 metres of tape, enough to keep you going for quite a while!

How to apply beauty tape

  1. Prep and clean the skin before applying the tape. The skin must not have any creams or oils on it, otherwise the tape will not stick.
  2. Apply the tape without stretch to the skin. This is very important to prevent irritations.
  3. Rub the tape on well to improve and activate the adhesive layer of the face tape.

If you want to remove the tape: Remove it in the opposite direction of how you applied it. You should be able to roll off the tape easily. If it does not come off, try using baby oil. This makes the face tape come off easier.

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