VetkinTape® 3cm – Display Box

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20 rolls


Attention: Price is per two rolls of VetkinTape® 3cm (packaging one box).

VetkinTape® kinesiology tape (3cm x 5 m) is an easy-to-use, latex free and TÜV quality mark certified product. It is specifically developed for the veterinary professionals.

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VetkinTape® kinesiology tape (3cm x 5 m) is an easy-to-use, latex-free, and TÜV quality mark-certified product. It is specifically developed for veterinary professionals. VetkinTape® highlights key features, such as:

  • Acrylic, a latex-free adhesive layer that is heat-activated, hypoallergenic, animal friendly, and wave-patterned to improve comfort
  • Adhesion lasts up to five days
  • Tape elasticity matches the stretch of animal coats for veterinary application
  • Easily applied and durable yet comfortable to wear, due to the thickness and soft, breathable quality of elastic cotton

VetkinTape® rolls are wider than the original kinesiology tapes for the human market (CureTape) and are improved with a stronger and more adhesive acrylic layer (30% more adhesion). VetkinTape® is specifically designed for use on animals and should only be used for veterinary purposes.

Available in the colours: Blue, red, black, and orange

VetkinTape® is applied for:

  • Activating the blood- and lymph circulation.
  • Influencing the fascia and muscles
  • Treating scars
  • Tendon injuries- and inflammations
  • Post-treatment of muscular injuries
  • Improvement of muscle function
  • Support of the joint function
  • Filled legs

Sold per box of two rolls of VetkinTape® 3cm.

A display box contains 20 rolls of VetkinTape®.

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Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Pink, Lime

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