This beauty taping course is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to apply facial and body taping techniques. Youll gain an understanding of the different types of taping, the benefits and advantages of each, and techniques for proper application. You‘ll also learn which products and materials to use to achieve the best results. With this course, you‘ll have the knowledge and skills to start taping face and body!

Course Curriculum

Theory Part
Video 1. Types of tapes, the functions of tapes, tape shapes, Medical Taping techniques and contraindications 00:12:58
Video 2. Explanation of the aging process of the face, the structure of the skin and the anatomy of the face 00:04:27
Facial taping applications
Video 1. “The sun” 00:08:41
Video 2. The nasolabial fold 00:07:56
Video 3. The “sadness wrinkles” (puppet wrinkles) 00:04:27
Video 4. Double chin 00:05:59
Video 5. Improving the innervation of the face 00:07:00
Video 6. Taping application: Periorbital edema 00:09:23
Video 7. The horizontal (longitudinal) lines (wrinkles) of the face 00:08:54
Body taping applications
Video 1. The aesthetic correction of the neck: “The bison’s crook” 00:07:07
Video 2. Ptosis in the soft tissue – the arms 00:03:17
Video 3. Ptosis in the soft tissue: back 00:06:30
Video 4. Breast Lifting 00:02:36
Video 5. Abdominis retraction: tape application for a postnatal belly 00:05:23
Vide 6. Diastasis recti 00:08:33
Video 7. Correction of the soft tissue: pelvis and lower abdomen 00:04:33
Video 8. Gluteus muscle lifting 00:05:44
Video 9. Ptosis in the soft tissue: lower limbs 00:05:21
Video 10. Cellulite 00:11:09
Video 11. Correction of soft tissue: adipose tissue, the knees 00:05:10
Video 12. Calves edema: Lymphatic technique 00:10:13
Video 13. Calves Edema: taping application for compression effect 00:10:13
Syllabus - Beauty Taping
Beauty Taping Syllabus 00:00:00

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  1. Clear videos and explanations!


    I was really impressed by the high-quality content and clear videos on how to use beauty taping techniques. After watching the 2.5 hours of course material, I now feel confident that I can apply these technique.

  2. Great Course


    Thank you was great really enjoyed

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