This course from Dr. Lesley Goff, one of the world‘s leading Animal Physiotherapists, is the perfect introduction to Kinesiology Taping for Horses. The course will give you an understanding of the principles of Kinesiology Taping, the different types of tape available and the techniques for applying the tape correctly to help with common injuries, ailments and conditions. With a practical handson approach, Dr. Goff will guide you through the fundamentals of taping, and provide you with the confidence and skills to get started. This course is ideal for horse owners, trainers, physiotherapists and veterinarians who are looking to learn more about kinesiology taping.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1
Video 1. Introduction and the science of taping. 00:01:35
Chapter 2
Video 2. Applying Tape 00:13:12
Chapter 3
Video 3. Neck and forelimb – anatomy and taping (part 1) 00:12:31
Video 4. Neck and forelimb – anatomy and taping (part 2) 00:02:59
Video 5. Pelvic and hindlimb – anatomy and taping 00:24:35
Video 6. Back and trunk – anatomy and taping 00:16:13
Chapter 4
Video 7. Tendon and Ligament taping 00:07:45
Chapter 5
Video 8. Other taping 00:08:05
Chapter 6
Video 9. Concluding remarks 00:01:09

Course Reviews


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  1. Great intro course


    As an equine physio I have been wanting to add taping as a service for a while now. Since I was unable to attent her in person course, I thought I follow this online course. I love the way she explains things clearly and it makes me confident in applying the techniques on the horses I treat.

  2. Thorough Introduction to the Basics


    I liked the pacing of the course and how each topic was covered with valuable lessons about equine anatomy. It is easily understandable and informative for anyone who wants to get into taping to help their horse.

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