This 3 hour course will introduce you to the application of Kinesiology Taping for the equine patient. Modules will cover topics such as pain control, edema reduction, postural and movement correction, the facilitation of muscular contraction or relaxation, and the treatment of scars. Through a combination of videos, case studies, and practical application of taping techniques, you will gain the skills necessary to effectively utilise these techniques in a variety of clinical settings. Moreover, you will develop a greater understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the equine patient, allowing for greater accuracy and efficacy in application.

Course Curriculum

Video 1. Introduction 00:05:08
Video 2. Types of cuts 00:04:45
Video 3. Indications and contraindications 00:20:19
Video 4. Practice Tips 00:17:05
Video 5. Clinical cases 00:00:00
Video 6. Equine Applications 00:30:31
Video 7. Small Animals Applications 00:14:49
Video 8. Lymphatic Applications 00:16:53
Video 9. CrossLinq 00:09:02
Video 10. Research Review 00:14:09

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  1. Canine techniques included!


    Great course from Dr. Solange, which I met last year in Cambridge during a congress. Also nice that canine techniques are discussed and reviewed in this course.

  2. 3

    Often times difficult to understand, due to the speakers accent. Maybe a voice over with a native english speaker would be helpful

    • Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on our content. We appreciate all feedback from our audience, as it helps us to continuously improve the quality of our material.

      We understand that language barriers can sometimes be challenging, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the accent of our speaker, Solange Mikail. However, we would like to highlight that Solange is one of our most knowledgeable experts in her field, and her expertise and passion are an integral part of our content.

      We value your opinion and take your feedback seriously. Rest assured that we will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our content, including accessibility and clarity for all of our viewers.

  3. Great Value course


    This is a great course to help understand how to apply the tape and the benefits. Dr. Solange Mikail explains it very well.

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